July 18, 2010

They’re all fucked in the head,

the Mohammedans are.

They want everyone else dead.

Kids and critters they bed

and they’ll blow up your car.

They’re all fucked in the head.

They are seldom named Fred

and a plague near and far.

They want everyone else dead.

Mo a six year old he wed;

he was always at war.

They’re all fucked in the head.

They’re in bed with the red;

hope they don’t get too far.

They want everyone else dead.

All the crazy shit Mo said

but we know how Muzzies are:

They’re all fucked in the head.

They want everyone else dead.


Haiku II

July 11, 2010

sickening pervert

vicious, lying terrorist

The Ideal Man


July 8, 2010

when humans bored i with i’m think

the ground upon rub i’ll my dink

when critters of had i’ve enuff

i’ll with a punkin fill my stuff

tho others they me think quite odd

just i’m like messenger of g-d

Sonnet I

July 7, 2010

Islam is like a virus on the Earth.

Its followers hate everybody’s guts.

Its value isn’t what a turd is worth.

A sane and moral person thinks its nuts.

A kiddy-diddling warlord they revere

so war and murder, slavery and rape

their holy books proclaim that they hold dear.

They must be Faithful to the red-haired Ape.

But hearken to the dhimmi mainstream press

whose balls would not outweigh your average fart.

They’d not have us think Muzzies make a mess.

Soft words of comfort to us they impart.

Like gutless wonders through the ages past

they hope the crocodile eats them last.


July 3, 2010

loony toon killers

plus pedophile warlord

Religion of Peace


July 2, 2010

“Jew-hater, Jew-hater, where have you been?”

“I’ve been to a Pride Parade with a drag queen.”

“Jew-hater, Jew-hater, what did you there?”

“I waved my big Hezbollah flag in the air.”